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Designing Your Course and Syllabus - Hands-on

  • 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
  • Union 109

Facilitated by Laurel Willingham-McLain

The purpose of this workshop is for you to understand basic design principles for college teaching and apply them to planning a course. This is a flipped workshop. By signing up for this workshop, you agree to spend an hour preparing on your own time.

Before the session: Complete the 20-minute Course/Syllabus Design video and worksheet (prepared by Michael McGravey & Laurel W-M). Read the brief article, Integrated Course Design, by L. Dee Fink. Begin applying what you learned to a course syllabus you are designing/revising.

At the session: Bring 3 copies of your new/revised syllabus to the hands-on session so that you can get feedback and learn new ideas from colleagues. 

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