These workshops promote strong teaching and learning, and help faculty and graduate students advance their academic careers.

SCALE Micro-workshops (No SCALE Workshops Planned for Fall 2022 Semester)
Designed to accommodate busy schedules, these micro-workshops highlight a teaching and learning topic and provide simple but effective strategies that can be incorporated into a course without much, if any, disruption of the course design.

Special Topic Faculty Groups
As opportunities arise, CTE organizes faculty together to grow in scholarship around teaching and learning.

Time for faculty to get away from work and home obligations to engage in an exchange of ideas, take time to reflect, and be inspired in our calling.

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers programs to welcome and orient all who are new to the teaching community at Duquesne, as well as colleagues who are making the transition to a new role (e.g., moving from adjunct or TA to full-time faculty).

Celebration of Teaching Excellence
At the annual spring Celebration of Teaching Excellence, Provost Dausey confers the Creative Teaching Awards and Graduate Student Awards for Excellence in Teaching. We also recognize Certificate of University Teaching recipients, CTE workshop presenters, teaching award committee members, and academic learning outcomes assessment committee members.