Faculty Learning Groups

Faculty learning groups provide an opportunity for small interdisciplinary groups to explore a topic, implement what they learn in their teaching, and often, gather student -learning evidence and present it in peer-reviewed contexts beyond Duquesne University.  CTE coordinates the groups.  Gumberg Library co-sponsors them. 

Summer 2011 -- December 2012

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Faculty Group
Connecting Challenging Concepts to the Real World of Students

Faculty participants will implement and assess ways to connect challenging or abstract concepts to the real world of students within courses they teach.

Participants: Christine O’Neil (Pharmacy), Fraser Fleming (Chemistry), Aimee Kane (Business), Elaine Abbott (Music Therapy), Michalene King (Nursing) , Khlood Salman (Nursing), Robert Kollar (Business), Laura Mahalingappa (ESL – Education), Davi Reis (ESL – Education)

Spring and Fall 2010

Scholarship of Multicultural Teaching and Learning

Ten faculty conducted individual or paired scholarship of teaching and learning projects where they focused on students’ learning related to diversity in a course they taught.  Some received travel funding for presenting their work at conferences.


Participants: Kathleen Barnard (ESL), Clifford Bob (Political Science), Susan Hascall (Law), Cynthia Lennox (ESL), Jason Ritter (Education), Heather Rusiewicz (Speech Language Pathology), Anna Floerke Scheid (Theology), Shirley Smith (Nursing), Elisabeth Vasko (Theology), Rick Zoucha (Nursing)

Spring 2009

Integrating Diversity into Your Teaching

This group explored student experience of diversity at Duquesne and ways of incorporating diverse perspectives and practices into our teaching.  Sessions were led by Duquesne faculty and students.

Facilitators: Leslie Lewis (Library), Sydney Walden (Library)

Participants: Michalene King (Nursing), Jim Weber (Business), Randy Tomko (Pharmacy), Joyce Ott (Nursing), Barbara Adams (Library), Connie Fisher (Psychology), David Nolfi (Library), Jim Weber (Business), Lina Dostilio (Service-Learning), Jessica Wiskus (Music)

Spring 2008

Incorporating Inclusive and Multicultural Perspectives into Your Teaching

Participants met to discuss readings on how race, ethnicity, and social class interact with teaching and learning.  They then articulated specific ways in which they planned to incorporate inclusive and multicultural perspectives into their own teaching and academic program leadership.

Participants: Leslie Lewis (Library), Sydney Walden (Library), Jay Liebowitz (Business), Anne Marie Popp (Sociology), Daniel Burston (Psychology) , Kathy Glass (English), Connie Fisher (Psychology), Erroline Williams (Leadership & Professional Advancement), Will Adams (Psychology), Maureen O’Brien (Theology), Thomas Mattei (Pharmacy), Marco Gemignani (Psychology)