Graduate Student Certificate of University Teaching

The Center for Teaching Excellence is delighted to offer the Certificate of University Teaching, which is a voluntary and self-paced opportunity for graduate students to document their college teaching in preparation for faculty careers. The Certificate and Advanced Certificate of University Teaching are non-credit programs designed to help graduate students grow as teacher-scholars. 

Why Pursue a Certificate of University Teaching?

Research has shown that graduate students who participate in professional development programs, like the Certificate of University Teaching here at Duquesne, develop greater competence and confidence, and create connections with other graduate students and faculty that help them cultivate and reflect on good teaching practices.

Recent Certificate Recipients affirm the role the program has played in helping them develop as TAs and in preparing for the job market. Read what they have to say about the Certificate Program:

  • "The certificate program really helped me to become a more reflective instructor, and I saw tremendous improvement in the effectiveness of my teaching."
  • "I strongly believe that I have grown as a teacher-scholar by enrolling in this program. My growth has occurred not only through attending workshops, but also through the more reflective elements of the program (observations, teaching philosophy, professional interactions)."
  • "As a TA I have limited ability to try new approaches now, but am excited to try several teaching strategies in the future! Even though I will not be applying for teaching jobs for another year or so, I think the portfolio I put together [for the certificate] will be a great foundation that I can tailor more specifically to each job application. I hope to add to the portfolio as I continue to TA."
  • "The workshops, more than anything, helped boost my confidence as an instructor and allowed me to begin to engage in dialogues with professors. As a TA in these workshops, I felt very much a colleague of the instructors across the campus and loved the support I got in my development as a teacher."

Click on this link to learn more about the Certificate Program and to find out how to enroll.