Landing an Academic Job

You have finished course work, passed comprehensive exams and started the dissertation. Now, it is time to find employment as a faculty member at a college or university. What do you do? Each job search process is different because every institution, discipline or search committee is unique. However, there are some common denominators to every job search. Most schools ask for a cover letter, CV, and letters of reference. Some will ask for statements of teaching philosophy and transcripts. Occasionally schools will ask for evidence of teaching excellence. At some point in the interviewing process, your ability to articulate a philosophy of teaching and engagement in teaching will become necessary. In the following web pages, you will find help developing the needed materials to be effective in the academic job search.

  1. Understanding the process
  2. Finding openings
  3. Composing a compelling cover letter
  4. Preparing a curriculum vitae
  5. Writing the statement of teaching philosophy
  6. Developing a teaching portfolio
  7. Preparing for the interview

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