Finding Faculty Openings

There are three resources that you will find useful in finding faculty openings:

1. Departmental Contacts

Many departments at Duquesne University post faculty openings for their discipline within the department. Maintaining contact with faculty at Duquesne is an excellent practice because search committees often communicate with faculty colleagues about their current openings.

2. Professional Organizations

Professional organizations compile lists of opening that are available online or in their publications. Some organizations sponsor a job fair at their annual meetings. For societies and organizations relating to your discipline, consult the University of Waterloo’s webpage on “Scholarly Societies by Subject.” This is an excellent listing of international academic societies by discipline.

3. Online Resources

Some helpful online resources include the following:

The Chronicle of Higher Education allows you to search for openings by discipline and geographical setting.

Academic360 offers helpful links to job listings by disciplines and has a useful compilation of Human Resource Departments by institutions. If you are looking at a particular set of schools, check their HR listings to see what positions are currently open.

HigherEdJobs proffers an extensive list of academic openings in various disciplines.

AcademicKeys presents multiple search criteria for positions in many fields of study.