Getting Started: Teaching at Duquesne

This list is intended to help you get started in teaching at Duquesne.

Welcome from Provost David Dausey.

First Things

  • Human Resources & Payroll - Please work directly with the administrative assistant in the department or school where you have been hired to set up payroll. This is required prior to many of the steps below.
  • Gender Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training (required) -  Completion of an on-line training program is required of all new faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants. You will need to be logged into DORI with your multipass and choose MYLEAD, where you'll find information about how to access the training. For more details, see TAP 31
  • Multipass Set-up - This is your key to Duquesne's online world: email, calendar, electronic library resources, DORI intranet, and more. For faculty and staff, these accounts will be created automatically once you are made active in the University's sytems.
  • Computing & Technology Services - For information on email, calendaring, wireless network, etc.
  • DU Card - For the library, access to some buildings, and other services.
  • Employee Parking and Pre-tax Mass Transit Passes
  • Class Schedule, Rosters, and Grading Information - The Registrar's office provides information about courses and sections. They can provide photo rosters for faculty as well. 
  • Orientation to Teaching at Duquesne - The Center for Teaching Excellence offers programs to welcome and orient all who are new to the teaching community at Duquesne, as well as colleagues making the transition to a new role (e.g., moving from adjunct to full-time faculty).

University Support for Teaching & Learning

Resources for Your Students

  • Academic Advisement - Duquesne has professional academic advisors for undergraduates. Contact a student's academic advisor if you suspect they are struggling with any aspect of their academic work. Faculty serve as advisors for graduate students.
  • Counseling & Wellbeing Center - Offers a variety of wellness groups and free confidential, short-term personal psychotherapy to all currently enrolled Duquesne students.
  • English as a Second Language - Supports students who are non-native speakers and writers of English.
  • The Center for Excellence in Diversity and Student Inclusion - Provides support services and opportunities for learning. The Center coordinates community-wide events and programs to celebrate, acknowledge campus leaders and raise awareness about critical issues.
  • Health Services - Provides comprehensive, competent, and confidential health care to all full time undergraduate and graduate students for the education of the mind, heart, and spirit
  • Learning Skills Center - Provides tutors and a study skills program.
  • Recreation Services - Intramurals, group fitness classes and exceptional cardio and weight equipment
  • COVID-19 Planning and Information - This page is a regularly updated page around relevant information for all Duquesne students
  • The Center for Student Wellbeing - Counseling, wellbeing, health, and recreative services
  • Writing Center - Supports students in writing in any discipline at all levels. Also guides faculty in teaching writing, giving feedback on writing, and designing writing-intensive courses.

Policies Related to Teaching

  • Academic Policies - Homepage for university policies
  • Academic Integrity Policy - University wide policy. Some programs have more specific policies as well.
  • Attendance - Policies about class attendance at Duquesne can be found in the academic year's catalog
  • Bridges Curriculum - Duquesne's undergraduate curriculum model.
  • Disability Services  provides support for students  with disabilities. The office communicates to faculty the accommodations legally required. We are committed to helping all Duquesne students learn.
  • Evaluation of Teaching - See Faculty Handbook
  • FERPA Training (required) - According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), University staff and faculty may not disclose a student's education record to third-parties (including parents) without the student's consent. See information about this and other available training on DORI through the Employee drop-down tab.
  • Gender Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training (required) -  Completion of an on-line training program is required of all faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants. You will need to be logged into DORI with your multipass and choose MYLEAD, where you'll find information about how to access the training. See TAP 31 for more details. 
  • Grades and QPA - Officially recognized grades at Duquesne.

Other Items of Interest