Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)

The scholarship of teaching and learning is promoted at Duquesne University through faculty learning groups, CTE consulting, the Creative Teaching Award, and the Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Many Duquesne faculty have published articles on college teaching and learning -- check out the compiled lists below. 

Duquesne Faculty Publications on University Teaching & Learning 1989 – 2009

Poster, Presentations, and Publications are listed on the Creative Teaching Award page

Definitions of SOTL

“Systematic reflection on teaching and learning made public.”  Illinois State University

“The scholarship of teaching and learning involves systematic study of teaching and/or learning and the public sharing and review of such work through presentations or publications (Kathleen McKinney, “What is SOTL in Higher Education?"

“The scholarship of teaching and learning addresses the intellectual work of the classroom, especially teaching and learning, as the focus of disciplinary-based inquiry, captures that work in appropriate formats for self-reflection or presentation to peers, and applies the results to practice” (Barbara Cambridge, Fostering the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Communities of Practice, 2001).


Gumberg Library and CTE provide a Duquesne University guide to the scholarship of teaching and learning.