Inclusive Teaching Showcase

Teaching is an art that grows through scholarship, practice, reflection and collaboration. Inclusive and equitable teaching is essential to the University's mission to welcome all and exclude none, and to provide a well-rounded experience and education that prepares students for anything. 

Striving Toward Bigger Goals

The Center engaged a cohort of interdisciplinary faculty members who dedicated time to learning about inclusive teaching by completing an edX certificate program, "Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom," taught by diversity, equity and inclusion experts at Cornell University.

Our faculty explored research about diversity, listened to student perspectives, and discussed topics and ideas with colleagues. Each were encouraged to implement strategies within their own teaching to create and sustain inclusive learning environments.

We are proud to highlight some of the learning that grew out of this cohort's experiences and to share their advice, reflections and resources. Together, we can support student learning by fostering learning environments that are equitable and inclusive.