CTE Offerings on DORI

Online Offerings

The following workshops and handouts are available online via DORI (multipass required).Workshop videos and handouts

  • (2018) Understanding Promotion for Non-tenure Track Faculty at Duquesne
  • (2019) Preparing an Effective Case for Third Year Review, Promotion, and Tenure
  • (2020) Preparng for Non-Tenure Track Promotion
  • (2020) Preparing an Effective Case for Pre-Tenure Review, Promotion, and Tenure
  • Adjusting Zoom Lectures to Refresh and Reinforce Learning
  • Course and Syllabus Design
  • Designing Effective Adult Learning Experiences
  • Documenting Rigor in Teaching
  • Faculty Peer Review of Teaching
  • How Can I Apply UDL Principles in My Course?
  • James Lang's 2018 Keynote address on Small Teaching
  • Rubrics To Promote and Assess Student Learning
  • Transparent Assignment Design
  • What is UDL and Why Do I Need to Know It?