2014-15 Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching

Award Nominees

The Office of the Provost confers a university-wide Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching at the annual spring Celebration of Teaching Excellence. The purpose of the award is to promote and reward teaching effectiveness by current graduate students and to provide award nominees with training on how to present evidence of teaching excellence. This year, seven nominees submitted complete dossier's, fulfilling the requirements for the award. Each of these nominees is recognized for his or her accomplishments below.

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Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Science

Chris Fonner, Biological Science

Chris' ability to adjust his classroom techniques to meet the needs of his students paired with his responsiveness to student feedback was highlighted by this year's committee. The committee also recognized how Chris' extensive service outside the classroom enriches his teaching.

Neil Lax, Biological Science

The committee was impressed by Neil's strong and positive feedback demonstrated in student evaluations. His portfolio also evidenced his availability, approachability, and his attention to different learning modalities.

Amanda Zielen, Biological Science

Amanda presented a meticulous and well-developed portfolio that demonstrated her ample preparation, clear communication, and approachability. The committee was particularly impressed by her sensitivity and attentiveness to students and their academic needs.

McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Andrew Jussaume, Philosophy

The committee highlighted Andrew's ability to connect current events with complex philosophical ideas, providing a space for students to think for themselves. His portfolio also demonstrated evidence of engaging students in learning.

Johanna Sullivan, English

Johanna's well-developed portfolio illustrated her balance of firm guidelines with a friendly tone. Additionally, Jo was recognized as being able to offer even seasoned faculty members solid teaching ideas and for her ability to connect with students in and outside of class.

Bryon Williams, English

The committee praised Bryon's ability to structure his classes collaboratively, encouraging his students to think creatively within thoughtful guidelines. This year's committee took note of Bryon's reflection on and improvement of the process of grading writing assignments.

School of Pharmacy

Dhruv Shah, Pharmacy

Dhruv's experience as a head TA highlights his responsibility and extraordinary leadership skills. The committee recognized his extensive work in developing a user-friendly Blackboard portal for undergraduates, which provided a space for feedback and studentinteraction