2016-17 Graduate Student Award For Excellence In Teaching

Award Nominees

The Office of the Provost confers a university-wide Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching at the annual spring Celebration of Teaching Excellence.

The purpose of the award is to promote and reward teaching effectiveness by current graduate students and to provide award nominees with training on how to present evidence of teaching excellence.

This year, five nominees submitted complete dossiers, fulfilling the requirements for the award. Each of these nominees will be recognized for his or her accomplishments below. Learn more about each of their perspectives on teaching and learning!

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Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Neil Lax, Biological Sciences 

Through the use of innovative use of interactive lectures, Neil is able to get a high level of engagement from his students. Neil clearly strives to actively involve his students by understanding which learning styles work best for them.  

McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Sarah Flinko, Communication and Rhetorical Studies 

Sarah brings a vibrant energy and enthusiasm into her classroom. She is also committed to student development, as demonstrated by her willingness to mentor students at various stages of their academic journey.

Nisha Gupta, Clinical Psychology 

Nisha applies a creative approach to teaching through using her artistic talents to help students develop their own insights into learning. She also consistently relates theoretical knowledge to real-life applications. 

Willard Powell, English 

Will uses thoughtful and well-constructed assignments to get his students to actively participate in learning and course development. He uses a conversational style in order to create a classroom environment that feels student-centered. 

Alexandra Reznik, English 

Alexandra is very collaborative with her students in creating an inclusive learning environment. Her thoughtful assessments and detailed feedback to students also inspires many to continue developing their writing skills.