2018-19 Graduate Student Award Nominees

The purpose of the Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching is to promote and reward teaching effectiveness by current graduate students and to provide award nominees with training on how to present evidence of teaching excellence.  Nominees and winners will be honored at the annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence

We are pleased to announce the nominees for the 2018-2019 academic year. Nominees are listed by school.

Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Ashley Blystone, Chemistry and Biochemistry

photos of ashley blystone

Ashley teaches laboratory courses and does an excellent job in actively engaging her students. She provides a motivating and thought-provoking learning environment and one of her strengths in the classroom is encouraging her students to find their own answers

Jennifer Broderick, Biological Sciences

photo of jennifer broderick

Jennifer creates a supportive yet disciplined environment in her classrooms. She is known for using innovative teaching strategies to help students learn. She is often invited to guest lecture using her creative teaching methods in the department.

Joseph Sallmen, Biological Sciences

photo of joe sallmen

Joe has a natural instinct towards teaching and has been instrumental in helping faculty turn introductory thinkers into competent independent researchers. He teaches demanding courses with enthusiasm and has a hands-on learning approach with his students.

School of Pharmacy

Lu Liu

photo of lu liu

Lu brings an international focus to his teaching and has a patient and creative approach with his students. He frequently brings in visual imagery to explain difficult concepts and students excel under his mentorship. He also takes the time to individually check in on students to make sure they are comprehending difficult material.

Ngoc Pham

photo of ngoc pham

Ngoc works to make difficult materials more compressible to students and goes the extra mile by holding extended office hours for students. She works to make large classes more discussion orientated and creates a fruitful learning environment.

Thomas Wright

photo of thomas wright

Thomas focuses on encouraging students to be life-long learners and demonstrates in each subject the long-term goals of becoming a "complete pharmacist". His goal in teaching are process over content. He has frequently brought his pharmacy expertise to the community by speaking on the effects of drug abuse at local high schools.

McAnulty Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Marla Anzalone, English

photo of marla anzalone

Marla creates an environment of respect and trust in her classes and encourages students to take ownership of their writing practice. She works hard to link course content to learning goals and to make the material relevant to student's lives and brings an emphatic approach to her teaching.

Catherine Guilbeau, Clinical Psychology

photo of catherine guilbeau

Catherine brings a mentoring approaching to her teaching as she is asked to mentor fellow TAs in her department. She is able to help students understand complex philosophical material that they may have previously had trouble understanding in other classes.

John Hadlock, English

Photo of John Hadlock

John is a reflective teacher that encourages nontraditional ways of approaching student writing including the use of interviews and looking at old photographs to draw inspiration from. He encourages student-led learning in a non-hierarchal manner.

Jeffrey Lambert, Philosophy

photo of jeff lambert

Jeff is a committed and engaging teacher with a focus on bringing philosophy outside of the classroom and into the world. Jeff seeks to make diversity and inclusion the need and responsibility of every student. He also strives to encourage students to see philosophy in every aspect of life and emphasizes student-driven learning.