2019-20 Grad Student Award Nominees

The purpose of the Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching is to promote and reward teaching effectiveness by current graduate students and to provide award nominees with training on how to present evidence of teaching excellence. Nominees and winners will be honored at the annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence.

We are pleased to announce the nominees for the 2019-2020 academic year. Nominees are listed by school.

Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Kayce Tomcho, Chemistry

photo of Kayce T

Michelle Valkanas, Biology

photo of michelle valkanas

School of Pharmacy

Liu S. Lu, Pharmacy

photo of lu liu

Ngoc Pham, Pharmacology

photo of ngoc pham

McAnulty Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Autumn Marie Chilcote, Clinical Psychology

photo of Autumn Marie C

Courtney Druzak, English

photo of courtney d

Basak Guven, Communication and Rhetorical Studies

Photo of B Guven

Jeff Lambert, Philosophy

Siyuan Ma, English

photo of max ma

Zachary Slanger, Philosophy

photo of zachary s