Chronic Pain Research Consortium

A Collaboration to Study Pain

Pollock and Janjic

The Chronic Pain Research Consortium (CPRC) at Duquesne University is dedicated to addressing the problem of chronic pain by tailoring our multidisciplinary research efforts to the needs of patients and clinicians. The consortium itself is a unique collaborative group of patients, clinicians, and basic scientists.

  • Our combined expertise in pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, molecular imaging, neuroscience, and animal behavior promote a dynamic environment to solve the complex challenges of pain management.
  • Our research priorities include cancer pain, involvement of the immune system in pain, and the interaction of stress and pain. For a more complete description of our interests please see the Research Directions page.


CPRC faculty member Dr. Jelena Janjic recently gave a TED-talk about her pain nanomedicine research. Watch it HERE!

CPRC faculty member Dr. Benedict Kolber's collaborative research with Drs. Kostek and Szucs was featured on NPR Morning Edition Sept 2019. Listen to it HERE!

Congrats to CPRC faculty member Dr. John Pollock who received a $1,350,000 NIH grant to develop interactive media to manage student stress, anxiety and pain. 

Congrats to graduate student Heather Allen who received a $126,678 NIH NIDDK NRSA F31 predoctoral fellowship (2019-2022) to support her PhD studies in the Kolber lab. 

Congrats to CPRC faculty members Dr. Benedict Kolber (PI) and Dr. Rachael Neilan (co-I) who received a $1,549,080 NIH NIDDK R01 (2018-2023) to study the role of the amygdala in bladder pain. 

Congrats to CPRC faculty members Dr. Kevin Tidgewell (PI) and Dr. Benedict Kolber (PI) who received a $413,596 NIH NCCIH R15 (2018-2021) to continue to study the potential of marine cyanobacteria for novel non-opioid analgesics. 

Congrats to CRPC faculty members Drs. Benedict Kolber, Kevin Tidgwell, and Michael Cascio along with colleague Dr. Rita Mihailescu who received a $500,000 NIH NINDS R25 SRE grant (2018-2023) to fund the Pain and Neurodegnerative Undergraduate Research Experience Programs.

The Department of Biological Sciences led by CPRC faculty member Dr. John Pollock received a $333,191 NSF equipment grant to fund a new Nikon A1R confocal microscope. 

Congrats to faculty members Dr. Lynn Simko and Prof Diane Rhodes who received $11,167 from the Charles Leach Fund (2017-2018) to evaluate the impact of an educational "Pain Empathy Kit" on undergraduate and graduate students. 

Congrats to CPRC faculty members Drs. John Pollock (PI) and Jelena Janjic (co-I) who received $64,500 from the CURE fund (2017-2018) to study the neuroinflammatory basis of pain.

Welcome to our newest CPRC faculty members, Dr. Amy Phelps, Dr. Rachael Miller-Neilan, and Dr. Devika Manickam. You can find out more about them on our People page.

Congrats to undergraduates Abigail Cox (Biology) and Marissa Behun (Biomedical Engineering) who separately won best poster awards at the 2017 Duquesne University Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium!

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