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David Christian Hassell, Ph.D.

Dr. David Christian (“Chris”) Hassell was named by Director Mueller to the position of Assistant Director of the FBI’s Laboratory Division. Dr. Hassell came to the Bureau from the Oklahoma State University Multispectral Laboratories (UML), where he led Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation. The UML is a national multidisciplinary interagency complex focused on the testing, evaluation, and implementation of defense, homeland security, energy, and intelligence systems. Dr. Hassell previously served as Assistant Vice President for Science and Technology at Applied Marine Technologies Incorporated. Prior to that position, he led programs in analytical chemistry, instrumentation development, and forensics and attribution for weapons of mass destruction at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). During this time, he also served as a subject matter expert for chemical/biological warfare on the Iraq Survey Group in Baghdad. Earlier in his career, Dr. Hassell was a Senior Research Chemist for DuPont, developing online analytical instrumentation for chemical and bioprocess facilities for both research and manufacturing.

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