Human Trafficking in Pennsylvania

Program Materials | March 9, 2018


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Technology complicates FBI efforts to stop human trafficking

An Overview of State Law: Act 105 and Its Application 

Next Steps: Clearing Records for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Labor Trafficking Among Low-Wage Workers

Labor Trafficking Among Low-Wage Workers

Fact Sheet: Protecting Victims from Wrongful Prosecution & Further Victimization, U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons Report (2016)

Pennsylvania Expungement Statute

Pennsylvania Vacatur Statute

Sample Expungement Petition (Rule 790)

Sample Vacatur Petition (Allegheny County)

Sample Vacatur Petition (Philadelphia County)

Pennsylvania Confidentiality Forms

Nelson v. Colorado

People v. L.G.

People v. Gonzalez

2008 SPLC Civil Litigation on Behalf of Victims of Human Trafficking

2016 Polaris Pennsylvania Report

2016 Polaris National Report

2017 Medical Fact Sheet Human Trafficking and Health Care Providers

Ending Impunity Securing Justice

HT Pro-Bono Impact Report 2015-2017

Human Trafficking Victim-Centered Update

Human Trafficking Victim-Centered Update

Field Center Child Trafficking Research Handout

Human Rights First 2017 Trafficking by the Numbers

Understanding Human Trafficking and How to Respond

Understanding Human Trafficking and How to Respond

HT Power & Control Wheel

ST Vocabulary

Utilizing Trauma‐Informed Approaches to Trafficking‐Related Work

Post-Conviction Advocacy for Survivors of Human Trafficking: A Guide for Attorneys