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Past Forensic Fridays Seminars

Spring 2010:

  • January - Alcohol and Drug Toxicity in Criminal Litigation
  • February - Forensic Issues in Medical Malpractice Cases
  • March - Is Football Bad for the Brain?  Forensic Scientific, Medical-Legal and Societal Aspects of the Concussion Debate
  • April - Accident Reconstruction in Personal Injury Cases
  • May - Forensic Investigation of Sexual Assault Cases
  • June - Behavioral Science Evidence in Divorce and Custody Cases

Fall 2010:

  • September - Forensic Scientific Applications in Product Liability Cases
  • October - Forensic DNA Analysis - An Introduction
  • November - Medical Marijuana:  Forensic Scientific and Legal Considerations
  • December - Trace Evidence Analysis:  Legal Opportunities and Challenges

Spring 2011:

  • January - The Investigation of Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault
  • February - Identifying the Right Expert for your Legal Needs
  • March - The Science and Criminal Law of End-of-Life Decisions
  • April - Emerging Topics in the Investigation and Prosecution of Cyber-Crime
  • May - Investigative and Familial DNA
  • June - Problems and Advances in Eyewitness Identification

Fall 2011:

  • September - Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Working with Forensic Experts
  • November - How to Make the Most Effective Use of Financial Experts
  • December - Is it "the Economy" or is it Obfuscation?  The Roles of Financial Experts in Divorce Litigation Today

Spring 2012:

  • January - Reporting Child Abuse:  Obligations, Procedures and Pitfalls
  • February - Neuroscience on Trial:  New Uses of Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Litigation
  • March - The Role of Private Investigators in Forensic Cases
  • April - The Role of Legal Nurse Consultants and Nurse Experts in Forensic Investigation and Legal Proceedings
  • May - Shaken Baby Syndrome:  Clinical, Investigative and Legal Considerations

Fall 2012:

  • September - Death by Medication:  Investigating the Prescription Epidemic
  • October - Scientific Evidence and the Right to Confrontation
  • December - Enhancing Courtroom Knowledge of Forensic Scientific Innovations

    Spring 2013:

    • Janurary - Digital Detectives: A Computer Forensics Update
    • February - DUID: The Science and Law of Driving Under the Influence of Distractions
    • March - Whose DNA is it Anyway?
    • April - Interpreting Behavior at the Serial Murder and Sexual Homicide Crime Scenes
    • May - Forensic Audio and LInguistic Analysis of Insider Threats: From Watergate to Today

    To purchase a DVD of any of these seminars, please contact the Wecht Institute at 412-396-1330 or wechtinstitute@duq.edu.