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About Pioneers of Forensic Science

As a provider of educational programming at the interface of forensic science, the law and public policy for the past 17 years, the Cyril H. Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law has brought some of the world's most renowned practitioners of criminal justice and related fields to Duquesne University.

In an effort to acknowledge and help secure the legacies of such individuals, the Institute this year initiated Pioneers of Forensic Science, intended as an annual event to honor a forensic scientist or professional whose work is closely aligned with the practice of forensic science by way of a two-day conference focused on his or her professional accomplishments and impact on the profession. On June 1-2, we were pleased to honor our longtime friend and advisor, the world-renowned criminalist and educator Dr. Henry Lee.

Is there someone you'd like to nominate for an upcoming year? Please let us know.

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