New York skyline with World Trade Center. Text overlay reads 9/11 at 20 Years: A Forensic Retrospective. September 9-10, 2021. The 20th Annual Forensic Science and Law Symposium.

The Annual Symposium

9/11 at 20 Years: A Forensic Retrospective

Our most recent symposium explored what we have learned in the two decades since the 9/11 attacks, not only about the perpetrators and their motivations, but also about how to investigate and address mass disasters on the scale of what befell lower Manhattan, the Pentagon and a farmer's field in southwestern Pennsylvania that day. From evidence collection to DNA identification to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and beyond, our only consolation to the thousands of lives lost on 9/11 is the body of knowledge and understanding gained by our collective pursuit of truth and justice in the following years.

Like a pandemic or the assassination of a beloved president, the events of 9/11 divided the world's perceptions of reality into a Before and an After. All of us, of a certain age, remember precisely where we were and what we were doing when that day's cataclysm struck, and struck again, and then yet again, shattering and reshaping core assumptions about national security and our very civilization.

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