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Top-Shelf Advanced Trial Advocacy Course

Preliminary Course Outline

1. Language and Demeanor

a. Use of Words and Dialect
b. Courtroom Demeanor

2. Cognitive Abilities and Memory

a. Understanding, Enlarging and Training Memory to Grow Continually
b. Focusing the Persuasive Functions

3. The Investigative Process

a. How to Do It and Whom to Use
b. Witness Preparation

4. Methods of Courtroom Preparation

a. Electronic Discovery and Deposition Management
b. Assimilating, Indexing and Cross-indexing Information

5. Jury Selection

a. Framing Vetting Questions
b. Revealing Bias

6. Opening Statements

a. Organization of Presentation
b. Answering Presentation

7. Direct and Cross Examination of Witnesses

a. The Qualification of Experts
b. The Rules of Evidence and Governing Standards
c. Mock Testimony
d. Rules and Principles of Cross-Examination

8. Closing Arguments

a. Keeping the Listeners' Attention
b. Shifting Gears
c. Parting Questions

9. Forensic Science Elective Sessions

a. The Post-Mortem Examination
b. The Forensic DNA Lab
c. The Forensic Toxicology Lab