2021-2022 Faculty Scholars Program

The Carl G. Grefenstette Center for Ethics in Science, Technology, and Law at Duquesne University seeks scholars from all academic areas and all backgrounds to contribute to the conversation around the responsible use of digital technology, broadly construed. The goal of the program is to provide financial, administrative, and content support to faculty members who wish to begin or cultivate a research agenda in that area. Part of the program includes some light technical content instruction in digital technology, but no technical background is necessary or expected. Our vision is to enrich the conversations and practical implementations of ethics in digital technology by incorporating religious, Christian, and Catholic ethics into future discussion and development.

2021-2022 Academic Year Faculty Scholars

Anna Scheid 

Cathleen Appelt 

Daniel Scheid 

Dina Huehn 

Elisabeth Vasko 

Lyndsie Ferrara 

Mark Geiger 

Seth Oranburg 

Wenqi Zhou 

Wesley Oliver