Spring 2021 Tech Ethics Make-A-Thon

Undergraduate and graduate Duquesne students presented new ideas, research and projects related to applied ethics during the Center's inaugural 24-hour Make-A-Thon on April 9 and 10, 2021.

Congratulations to the event's winners, and all participants, for their outstanding effort and creative projects.

Grand Prize Winners

  • Colum O'Brien; Health Check-In
  • Molly Smith, Donna Jean Roberts; Track Your Visit (TYV)

Second Place Winners & Women in STEM Prize

  • Rachel Rander; Safe Foods

Second Place Winners & Elsinore Bennu Think Tank Prize

  • Deidra Hubay, Robert Alexander Losieniecki; Bridging the Digital Divide

Office of Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Prize

  • Brandon Ruiz; Increasing the Knowledge of Cultural Competency

Division of Mission & Identity Prize

  • Augustine Collins; Embedded Medical Record Tag (EMRT)

Honorable Mention Awards

  • Tina Nguyen; Policy for Achieving Ethical Precision Medicine
  • Anthony Pettit; Healthshare
  • Yihong Ye, Vacci-Nation
  • Christopher Niles, Jiahao Fu; Ethical Allocation of Medical Resources and Services