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It's Time for Bigger Goals in Journalism

The study of ethics is embedded throughout Duquesne’s curriculum—from healthcare, nursing and business to education, religion, law and science. Communication and journalism are no exception. Through programs, symposiums and real-world dilemmas, Duquesne teaches and challenges students to use ethical considerations to understand and solve problems that are rarely black and white.

The Institute for Ethics and Integrity in Journalism collaborates closely with instructors and programs to give students opportunities to enhance their education and experience. Our Fellows assist with special programming, guest lectures, internships, networking opportunities and curriculum enhancements to round out students' horizon-expanding education.

We strive to rebuild trust in journalism and news media amid a national and global climate in which such trust is lacking and challenging. In partnership with the community and regional partners, our team serves as a resource for students and faculty to cultivate best practices that support fair and accurate local and national journalism.

Be a Stand-Out Professional of Integrity

At Duquesne, you'll not just learn to write, research and report exceptionally. You'll also gain foundational values, woven within your skills, that will set you apart. In tandem with our robust and cutting-edge media department, the Institute provides a national hub for students to explore the role of professional and personal ethics in pursuit of balanced and trustworthy print, broadcast and digital journalism.

We do so by:

  • Strengthening relationships with local and national media
  • Mentoring students in their studies and career paths
  • Providing programming for students to interact with professionals who exemplify the best journalistic values of civil discourse, truthfulness, balanced reporting and respectful interviewing
  • Assisting Duquesne to enhance internship opportunities for students in the media department
  • Facilitating debate and discussion intended to emphasize the importance of ethical practice in journalism at both the personal and organizational levels
  • Collaborating with the faculty in Duquesne's media department to bring ethical decision-making resources to students and the public