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Building the Ethical Framework for Today's Journalism

Collaborating with instructors, students, programs and community partners, the Institute for Ethics and Integrity in Journalism strives to rebuild trust in journalism and news media amid a national and global climate in which trust is lacking and challenging.

Our Fellows serve as a resource for students and faculty to cultivate best practices that support fair and accurate local and national journalism. Together, we coordinate special programming, guest lectures, networking opportunities and curriculum enhancements. We seek out high quality paid internships at various media outlets so students can put into practice what they’ve learned in the classroom.

We also are dedicated to nurturing an ongoing conversation with the public to promote a greater understanding of the decision-making practices that ethical journalists employ in pursuit of a good story. Along the way, we recognize outstanding journalism practitioners and underwrite awards to students doing research in journalism ethics.

Clearly, a well-reported story requires an outlet. To that end, we’ve partnered with Duquesne’s Center for Emerging and Innovative Media and its three state-of-the-art media studios so students can produce professional broadcasts, podcasts, livestreams and pre-recorded content.

Our Code of Ethics


Write the truth—verifying all information before releasing it—and provide context and attribution for the facts. Do not plagiarize, omit critical facts or pay for access to news.


Strive for fairness and balance, avoid conflicts of interest and maintain independence from the people you cover.


Identify sources unless they face retribution or danger for cooperating.


Seek feedback about your work; admit and promptly correct mistakes.


Serve as a watchdog for the public, yet balance the public's need to know against potential harm.


Treat those you deal with in your work with respect and courtesy; avoid imposing your cultural values on others.

Our Mission

We strive to promote trust in journalism and news media by creating an ongoing dialogue with the public and regional partners to foster best practices to support local and national journalism that is fair and accurate, to recognize outstanding journalism practitioners, and to offer enhanced educational and professional learning experiences for Duquesne students.