Media Education at Duquesne

The study of ethics is embedded in Duquesne's DNA. In the media department alone, at least six courses feature ethics instruction, including one devoted exclusively to media ethics. Together, students and teachers examine ethical trends and practices in mass media, navigate issues involved in investigative reporting, and discuss considerations surrounding user manipulation and data tracking in user experience design. This foundation and prioritization of ethics complements active learning through a hands-on curriculum that explores the role media and interactive technologies play in communication, storytelling, public relations and advertising, and design and how they are impacting our world.

The Institute for Ethics and Integrity in Journalism collaborates closely with instructors and programs to provide students opportunities to enhance their education and experience.

Our Fellows assist with special programming, guest lectures, internships, networking opportunities and curriculum enhancements to round out students' horizon-expanding education. T

he Institute also partners with the University's Center for Emerging and Innovation Media, launched in 2020, which offers students real-world experience producing and presenting state-of-the-art digital content with high-quality technological tools used in professional video production facilities around the world. Together, we work with academic and public communities to create innovative and engaging content, bound within the ethics and integrity that are embedded in our campus-wide curriculum.

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