Meet the Fellows

Our Fellows are award-winning journalists and educators who have spent their careers as reporters, columnists and editors at top-rated newspapers and/or wire services as well as instructors at various universities. Their leadership will guide the Institute in becoming a major resource for journalism ethics in western Pennsylvania.

Former Fellows

Former Fellow Cindy Skrzycki is a senior journalism lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh and former business reporter and columnist at The Washington Post, associate business editor at U.S. News & World Report and Washington correspondent for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Meet Our Donor: Patricia Doherty Yoder

Pat Yoder

Pat's generous gift will drive our work to re-establish public trust in journalism and media in the United States.

Throughout her decades-long career holding senior positions in public relations and public affairs, Pat's experiences as a communications professional taught her that trust among the public, journalists and organizations requires deep engagement among all parties.

With Pat's support, and through the University's national and global connections, we have been given an incredible opportunity for our students, teachers and community to restore an ethical and trustworthy landscape in journalism today.

"In my professional life, I strove for integrity alongside many respected journalists and communications professionals and understand just how crucial it is to have people of integrity shaping how we understand the world," Pat says. "At the same time, it also is more critical than ever that we restore the public's trust in journalism, and I know Duquesne has the people and the institutional will to pursue this work. I am glad to provide some of the support to get it moving."