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Fast Facts

Do you think that globalization affects only companies that export?

If you are a non-exporter, you could be a 2nd or 3rd tier supplier selling locally but your products would not sell if you don't provide CE mark, REACH, and ROHS products to your buyers in the US.

This is because your buyer may be an exporter and components they buy must be compliant!

Some examples of industries impacted by international regulations, no matter where they sell, are:

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Chemicals
  • Toys
  • Industrial Machinery

How do you know if your products contain regulated chemical substances?

Products may need to be regulated, if they...

  • Are made of plastic or plastic components
  • Are made of metal or metal components
  • Have a coating
  • Use ink
  • Have electronic components
  • Are painted
  • Are glued 
  • Contain flame retardants

You must check if you need to comply with REACH!

Attention Electronics Manufacturers!

Did you know?

  • CE mark must be affixed on your product to prove it is ROHS compliant?
  • Your ROHS documentation control system must be auditable and up to date.
  • You must demonstrate without doubt that ALL the components and parts incorporated into your product are ROHS compliant. You must have records and testing reports to prove it.

Are you complying with the new ROHS rules for chemicals in electronics?

Are you familiar with CE mark requirements such as electrical, mechanical and electromagnetic testing?