Moral Injury Conference Recordings

Moral Injury and the Role of Community in the Veteran Homecoming

The link below will take you to the recordings from the conference.
The conference took place at Duquesne University on November 2, 2018



Provost David Dausey


The Warrior's Path and The Role of Community

Roger Brooke, Ph.D., ABPP

Keynote Address

The Aftermath of Violent Conflict: Lessons from Around the World

Derek Summerfield

Moral Injury and the Politics of Recovery

Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon

Military Sexual Trauma and the Community of Women (and Men)

BriGette McCoy, Kate Dahlstedt, Jessica Payton

Veterans, Healthcare and the Legal Community 

John Rago and Daniel Kunz

The Role of the Religious Community

Don Accamando, Fr. Bill Christy, Fr. Paul A. Becker, Jr.

Veterans Themselves: Healing and Homecoming Through Community Relations

Megan Andros, Theo Collins and Robert Kaminski

Conference Summary and Q&A

Closing comments, questions, and responses from the speakers