Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center Patrons enjoying the Center (left image: group students reading, center image: students enjoying the Literary Review publications, right image: patron enjoying book off of the shelf)

Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center Annual Symposium

The Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center Annual Symposium feature internationally renowned scholars in phenomenology. Listed are previous symposia speakers and themes.

Past Symposia

Volume 1: Phenomenology: Descriptive or Hermeneutic

Volume 2: Phenomenology - Meaning - Psychotherapy

Volume 3: Phenomenology of Temporality: Time and Language

Volume 4: Psychiatry and Phenomenology

Volume 5: Phenomenology and the Numinous (out of print)

Volume 6: Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis

Volume 7: Heidegger: A Centenary Appraisal

Volume 8: Phenomenology and Lacanian Psychoanalysis (out of print)

Volume 9: Ethics and Responsibility in the Phenomenological Tradition

Volume 10: The Husserlian Foundation of Phenomenological Psychology

Volume 11: Phenomenology and Feminism (not published)

Volume 12: The Interpersonal Phenomenology of R.D. Laing

Volume 13: Phenomenology: Past and Future

Volume 14: Phenomenology and Narrative Psychology

Volume 15: Levinas: The Face of the Other

Volume 16: Metabletics: J.H. van den Berg's Historical Phenomenology

Volume 17: Confluences: Phenomenology and Postmodernity, Environment, Race, Gender

Volume 18: The Philosophy of Edith Stein

Volume 19: The Phenomenology of Childhood

Volume 20: The Phenomenology of the Body

Volume 21: The Phenomenology of Hope

Volume 22: Daseinsanalysis

Volume 23: Phenomenology and Ecology

Volume 24: Paul Ricoeur and Phenomenology

Volume 25: Phenomenology and Critical Theory

Volume 26: Phenomenology and Post-humanism

Volume 27: Phenomenology and the Theological Turn

Volume 28: Phenomenology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Volume 29: Music and Phenomenology

Dennis Schmidt - The Musical Idiom and the Movement of Life

Judith Lockhead - Music Places

Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback - Rhythm and Existence

John Sallis - The Place of Music: On Heterogeneity in the Arts

Volume 30: Phenomenology and Its Critics

Leonard Lawlor - Phenomenology of the End

Paola Marrati - Humans, Animals, and Ghosts: Derrida on Democracy

Claire Colebrook - Heidegger, Deleuze, and Cartesian Evil

Bruno Bosteels - World and Event

Volume 31: Merleau-Ponty Into the Future

Laura Doyle - Les Écarts Géopolitiques

Galen Johnson - On the Origin of Truth in Art

Gail Weiss - The Normal, the Natural, and the Normative

David Abram - Matter and Agency

Volume 32: Phenomenology and the African & Africana Worlds

Tsenay Serequeberhan - Continental and African Philosophy: A Thematic Encounter

Elias Bongmba - Phenomenology of the Face: African Perspectives

Kathryn T. Gines - Black Looks: Objectification, Subjectivity and "Looking Back"

Volume 33: Experiencing Disaster

David Loy - The Best Disaster Ever

Jane Anna Gordon - Of Divine Warning: Reading Disaster in the Modern Age

Debra Bergoffen - The Living Death of Statelessness

Kevin Hart - "The *Absolute* Event of History:" The Shoah and the Outside

Volume 34: Contemplation and Beyond: Phenomenology, Neuroscience and the Spiritual

Iain McGilchrist - The Power of No: On the Apophatic Path to God

Volume 35: Life, Death, and Play: Philosophy in Literature, Sport and Psychoanalysis

Simon Critchley - Working-Class Ballet - A Poetics of Football

Volume 36: Memory, Mind and Being Human: Phenomenology and Psychiatry Today

Thomas Fuchs - 

Body Memory and the Unconscious

The Human 'As-If' Function and its Loss in Schizophrenia

Thinking too Much. The Psychopathology of Hyperreflexivity

Volume 37: John Sallis: A Celebration of His Work

Welcome Remarks

Dennis Schmidt

The Greeks

Session leader: Walter Brogan

Sara Brill - "Philosophy and Monstrosity: An Ode to Artemis"

Shane Ewegen - "‘Shaggy, lustful, partly animal': John Sallis on the Platonic Socrates"

Claudia Baracchi - "Boundless Images: John Sallis and the Ancient Gods"

Art & Imagination

Session Leader: Jeffrey Powell

James Risser - "Interpreting the ‘Sense' of Art"

Alejandro Vallega - "Visions, Painting and Thought's Twisting-Free from the Primacy of the Visible"

Bernard Freydberg - "Force of Imagination as Critical Turning Point: Sallis and the Future of Philosophy"

The History of Philosophy

Session Leader: David F. Krell

Drew Hyland - "On Translating John Sallis"

Daniela Vallega-Neu - "John Sallis' Liminal Phenomenology"

Peg Birmingham - "John Sallis: On Sensibility and the Imagination"

Contemporary Philosophy on Nature & the Elemental

Session Leader: Charles Scott

Michael Naas - "Beneath the Earth and in the Heavens: John Sallis in His Elements"

Miguel de Beistegui - "Stretchings of Imagination"

Jason Wirth - "Elemental Ecology: Reading John Sallis in an Age of Earth Crisis"