collage of Phenomenology Center pictures: (top, left to right) Reading area with tables, couches and shelves; Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center seal; Straus' antique furniture; (bottom) reading area with portraits and new book nook

Our Staff


portrait of Dr. Jeff McCurry

Dr. Jeffrey McCurry, Ph.D.


Assistant to the Director

Brennan Van Spankeren


Board of Governors

Dr. William Adams Dr. Lanei Rodemeyer
Dr. Ronald Arnett Dr. Kevin Smith
Dr. Tom Eyers
Dr. Marinus Iwuchukwu
Ex Officio
Dr. Leswin Laubscher Dr. Sara Baron
Dr. Sebastian Madathummuriyil        Dr. Jeffrey McCurry
Dr. Craig Maier Dr. James Swindal
Dr. Ronald Polansky

Honorary Advisory Board

Dr. Peg Birmingham Dr. Dermot Moran
Dr. François Cooren Dr. Adriaan Peperzak
Dr. Amedeo Giorgi Dr. Zofia RosiƄska
Dr. Lewis Gordon Dr. John Sallis
Dr. Sara Heinämaa Dr. Robert Sokolowski
Dr. Galen Johnson Dr. Charles Taylor
Dr. Leonard Lawlor Dr. Gail Weiss
Dr. Ullrich Melle