SSPC 37th Annual Symposium: John Sallis: A Celebration of His Work
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The SSPC 37th Annual Symposium: Full Schedule

Thursday, October 25

Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center


Dennis Schmidt, Welcome Remarks

8:00pm Reception

Friday, October 26

Africa Room, Student Union

9:00am Session 1: The Greeks
Session Leader: Walter Brogan
1. Sara Brill "Philosophy and Monstrosity: An Ode to Artemis"
2. Shane Ewegen "‘Shaggy, lustful, partly animal': John Sallis on the Platonic Socrates"
3. Claudia Baracchi "Boundless Images: John Sallis and the Ancient Gods"
12:00pm Lunch  
1:30pm  Session 2: Art & Imagination
Session Leader: Jeffrey Powell
1. James Risser "Interpreting the ‘Sense' of Art"
2. Alejandro Vallega "Visions, Painting and Thought's Twisting-Free from the Primacy of the Visible"
3. Bernard Freydberg "Force of Imagination as Critical Turning Point: Sallis and the Future of Philosophy"
5:30pm Reception Union 613

Saturday, October 27

Africa Room, Student Union

9:00am Session 3: The History of Philosophy
Session Leader: David F. Krell
1. Drew Hyland "On Translating John Sallis"
2. Daniela Vallega-Neu "John Sallis' Liminal Phenomenology"
3. Peg Birmingham "John Sallis: On Sensibility and the Imagination"
12:00pm Lunch  
1:30pm Session 4: Contemporary Philosophy on Nature & the Elemental
Session Leader: Charles Scott
1. Michael Naas "Beneath the Earth and in the Heavens: John Sallis in His Elements"
2. Miguel de Beistegui "Stretchings of Imagination"
3. Jason Wirth "Elemental Ecology: Reading John Sallis in an Age of Earth Crisis"
5:30pm Reception and Banquet Union Ballroom

The Event is Free and Open to the Public.