Welcoming Fr. Jean-Michel Gelmetti, C.S.Sp. to Center for Spiritan Studies

Welcoming Fr. Jean-Michel Gelmetti, C.S.Sp. to Center for Spiritan Studies, September 15, 2020. 

Center for Spiritan Studies

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The Center for Spiritan Studies was founded in 2005 as a collaborative venture of Duquesne University and the Congregation of the Holy Spirit to foster research on Spiritan history, tradition and spirituality, as well as to disseminate the results throughout the Congregation, the University and the general public. For more information please reference the brochures listed below.

The Spiritans and Duquesne University

J.Y. Urfié's Libermann's Video

This excellent short video is the translation into English of a video produced in France by Fr. Jean-Yves Urfié, C.S.Sp. Fr. Jean-Yves used Dennis Woytek's beautiful anchor's voice for voice-over comments. Dennis is an American retired prof. of Video (Multimedia Dept.) at Duquesne University. Thus we are immersed in Libermann's history, thanks also to interventions of Libermann's specialist, historian Paul Coulon, C.S.Sp. (author of "Libermann (1802-1852), His Missionary Thinking and Mystique"), who acts as our guide here, with various other Spiritans inspired today by their 'Second founder'.

With the video, we visit the main places where Fr. Libermann (1802-1852), the Founder of the Society of the Most Holy Heart of Mary (Sep. 1841) that he willingly merged (1848) with the Congregation of the Holy Spirit founded 150 y. before (1703) by Claude François Poullart des Places (1679-1709), was inspired by God from his own conversion from Judaism to the Foundation of his Society of missionary priests and the sending to Africa of his first missionaries.

Let us be grateful to Fr. Urfié who gives us this gift and allow us to know better the extraordinary Spiritan figure of the 11th General Superior of a Congregation today present on 5 continents with 2.500 members, Brothers and Priests plus a good number of Lay Associates and Friends, working worldwide for the marvellous Love of the God of all mercies for his creatures to be better known by all nations.