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The Holy Spirit

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Claude Poullart des Places
Poullart des Places and the Holy Spirit

Claude Poullart des Places (1679-1709) consecrated his community of poor scholars to the Holy Spirit calling on them to have "a great devotion" to the Holy Spirit. 

Libermann and the Holy Spirit

Original texts from the writings of Venerable Francis Libermann as translated and presented by Spiritan, Fr. Francis X. Malinowski, C.S.Sp.

Libermann, the Spiritual Guide writing for our times

Fr. Francis Libermann (1802 - 1852) was a renowned Spiritual Guide corresponding with family members, friends, and those who sought him out for advice and encouragement in discerning the Holy Spirit at work in their lives

Praying in the Holy Spirit

During the nine days following the Ascension of the Lord into Heaven, the first Christian community gathered in prayer awaiting the coming of the promised Holy Spirit. The Congregation of the Holy Spirit continues that tradition in Spiritan communities and works throughout the world

Lectures on the Holy Spirit

The annual Holy Spirit Lecture Series, organized by the Theology Department of Duquesne University, started in 2005. The series encourages the exploration of ideas pertaining to the theology of the Holy Spirit within an ecumenical context and in dialogue with contemporary issues

Reflections on the Holy Spirit

Members of the Spiritan Family share experiences of  the Holy Spirit. You can share your reflection through text, video clip, or podcast

Spiritans Write

A selection of writings by Spiritans on the Holy Spirit and Spiritan Spirituality that are taken from Congregational publications