Bishop Etienne Truffet

Libermann understood the missionary's spirituality as one of struggle to establish the Kingdom of God. "Our life in this world should not and never will be one of joy and comfort. You will notice that, for you and me, joys will be almost non-existent, and when they come, we find them mingled with affliction. This is now and always will be our sort of happiness: to suffer for the love of Jesus and to have no other consolation to sustain us than His sole good pleasure."

The missionary relies on the life-giving Spirit of God for direction and strength. "Be profoundly aware of the fact that Jesus Christ is in you. Compare what it is that Jesus is constantly trying to do in you and what your own nature constantly strives for; compare the impressions that come from Jesus and those that spring from your own self; compare the action of Jesus and your own activity. You will then be able to discern what in your actions comes from Jesus and what comes from your own self."