Fr. Jacques Laval

Libermann understood mission as the fulfillment of God's plan for the world revealed in Jesus Christ. "God's will should be the only motive of our desires and our actions. As long as we conform to that divine will, the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ will be with us; if we follow our own wishes, that grace will leave us or be greatly diminished, and then what shall we be able to accomplish?"

Libermann was insistent that missionaries should observe the community rule. This is particularly the case for a new community. As St. Thomas Aquinas put it, "a little error in the beginning leads to a great one in the end." Libermann warned against Laval committing what he termed a sort of "original sin." He wrote, "If the rules are not observed at present, they will observe even less at a later date, and all the reasons which seem to justify your non-observance of the less important rules will prompt those who come after you to justify failure to observe the rules that are most important."