Fr. Jean Bessieux

Libermann advocates for flexibility and good relations with the local population. "Always be gentle and full of kind charity toward all; be polite, full of good will, and considerate. ... Adjust yourself to the customs and habits of all and do not try to make them adopt your tastes and habits. Those who labor for the salvation of others must know how to bow and bend to everything. Without this they will either be broken themselves or break others."

Libermann calls on missionaries to take care of themselves. "Do not ‘kill' your body. You are in an unhealthy country. You should avoid excessive privations. ... It is important to preserve your life for the good of those God desires to save through you. ... We should act to avoid unfortunate accidents that can jeopardize our ability to work for the good of others. ... Let us live by and for God, remaining calm and peaceful, kind, charitable and affable toward everyone."