Fr. Thierse and Fr. Thevaux

Libermann urged these two missionaries "to have but one heart and one soul" in respect for and support of each other. Their love is to be genuine. "There is no more precious treasure for you than that love of Jesus in which you love each other. Let both of you realize that that mutual love is not something you have by nature." Rather they rely on God's grace. "The Spirit of Jesus is in your midst. He unites you in His divine charity and will unite you more and more in His holy love, which embraces all His own in his Heart. He will teach you to bear with each other, to yield to each other, to be flexible, mild, and humble of heart."

As with Laval, Libermann urges a clear observance of the community rule. "Our rule is the safeguard for our perseverance in fervor, and this fervor is necessary for us to be able to labor earnestly for the salvation of souls."