Francis Xavier Libermann

Fr. Libermann's nephew, Francis Xavier, looked to his uncle for advice on his missionary vocation. He joined his uncle's congregation and made his Consecration to the Apostolate a year after Libermann's death. He lived a further fifty-four years as a Spiritan. Read more

Five letters (1845 - 1851) give encouragement to one who desires to serve God but is concerned that he is lacking in commitment. In the first letter, when Francis Xavier is fifteen years of age, his uncle wrote, "You are not tepid, dear boy; you are merely wanting in sensible devotion; and this means nothing. .. Always remember that true love for God does not consist of words or feelings but of a sincere will to please Him."

Francis Xavier asks his uncle to help him to pray. First, he is to prepare himself by reading. The time of prayer begins with an act of adoration "paying honor to God or Our Lord or the Blessed Virgin according to the subject of your meditation." He is then to "quietly reflect on the principal motives that should convince your mind concerning the truth on which you are meditating." The time of prayer concludes by "making good resolutions."

Francis Xavier has many worries. He is not to listen to them. "They are merely a temptation." He is to follow the advice of his spiritual director and not to be over-concerned with his progress, or apparent lack of it. "God's grace adjusts itself to our nature and hence there is a general development and there are general rules that are applicable to what the various temperaments have in common. But in regard to details, we would go astray if we attempted to lay down very rigid and clear-cut rules, for it is not possible to find even ten souls that are perfectly alike."