Jenny Guillarme

  • Jenny worried that she has sinned. Fr. Libermann assures her that in all that she shared with him "there was no mortal sin in anything you told me, nor was there even a serious venial fault. Your conduct, my dear child, was a little imperfect, and that is all." He encourages her, "You will not lose your soul. Jesus is your guardian and who can then steal it?" He urges vigilance. "Vigilance that is mild, holy, peaceful and loving in the presence of Jesus and Mary."
  • Jenny felt let down by others. Would Libermann similarly abandon her? He replies, "I hope, through the Mercy of our good Master, that I will not abandon you no matter what others might say or do. I am the servant of all who belong or wish to belong to Jesus, my Lord. I will not commit the injustice of abandoning or refusing to help anyone in order to seek some personal advantage, or through fear of others."

  • Jenny wonders how many crosses she is to bear and how long she is to suffer. Fr. Libermann advises her. "Do not set limits to the crosses you are willing to bear. Accept all that come as so many precious gems and be afraid to let any escape from your grasp. ... Have courage and be filled with divine love. Jesus must triumph in you. He can do so only through the Cross. He has to take you and break and crush you."

  • A Jansenist spirituality (emphasizing original sin, human depravity, and predestination) confuses Jenny. Libermann warns her: "They are truly ravenous wolves, wearing the mask and using the language of piety, but there is not even a shadow of devotion in their hearts. ... They maintain that they are the elect few and that the entire Church of Jesus Christ is lost. ... Cling with all your heart to Jesus and His Church."

  • Jenny approaches many priests for advice and gives many reasons for being attached to them. Libermann admonishes her that she is to "stop being a slave" to others and "be a spouse of Jesus instead." The Lord does not want her devotions or mortifications. "He wants your hear, your whole heart without reserve, and you will not find rest nor have a truly interior life, until you have sacrificed all your affection for creatures, all your desire to live for others and to find your joy in them."

  • Jenny is not to "assume an air of humility before others, but be humble in the depths of your soul ... always accept, with peace and love, whatever divine Providence sends you. All that God does is done well. He knows better than anyone else what you need and He will give it to you."