Madame Victor Remond

Six letters, all written in 1838 - when Libermann was in Rennes - survive from that correspondence. In the final letter, Libermann agreed with Madame Rémond that it would be a great pleasure to meet with her in person. "it is truly my hope that even in this world God will give me this grace and I thank Him for it." The following year Libermann journeyed from Rennes to Rome on foot. Stopping in Lyons he arrived at Madame Rémond's door dressed as a poor cleric. The maid failed to give his name. Taking him as a poor cleric seeking alms she simply pressed some money in his hand and bade him a kind adieu. The directee met her director, but did not know it.

  • 1st Letter, Interior Disposition: "Pray to the Holy Spirit to enlighten you and tell me very simply the things as you see them, and then worry no more about them and think no more of them. It is to be hoped that the Lord will make known your interior disposition to me, as he usually does when it pleases Him to give me this grace."
  • 2nd Letter, Sweet Confidence: "Preserve a sweet confidence in your soul, for you are the well-beloved daughter of the Lord. Your life should be hidden in Him, so that you may live His life. He desires to live in you as He lived in Mary. You are an empty vessel which the Lord desires to fill, and if it pleases Divine Goodness, you will later better understand the comparison."
  • 3rd Letter, How to Meditate: "Begin by recollecting yourself and by placing yourself in a certain repose and peace before the Divine Majesty. Next, a profound sentiment of your lowliness in God's presence... Then raise your soul, gently turning away your thoughts from yourself. Consider the Divine Word in His immensity, which fills the whole universe and all time with His greatness and His infinite perfection. ... Consider Jesus acting in you with incomparable gentleness and peace, and desiring with a great love to establish His dwelling therein, and to make you live His own life."
  • 4th Letter, How to Make Confession: "When you want to go to confession, open your soul before your Savior, in order that He may look at your wounds and heal them. This opening of the interior of your soul must be done with all confidence, humility, confusion and peace. Consider your little child when he has hurt himself; he shows you his little hand, knowing that you will apply a remedy and console him."
  • 5th Letter, Receiving Holy Communion: "Prepare yourself for it with a great spirit of love and childlike confidence, aiming always at pacifying and calming yourself in order that the divine Savior may come and unite Himself to you in a more living and intimate manner than usual. When you have received, do not act too much yourself, but allow Him to act in you; remain in silence before Him, allowing Him to animate and vivify you with His own life and His love, with which He comes to unite you to Himself, so that you are, as it were, lost in Him."
  • 6th Letter, Living Well: "Continue to make your meditation on the incarnation, and during the day remain in sweet and peaceful union with your well-beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Your exterior conduct should show the influence of this interior view and attitude, engendering great modesty; genuine modesty can spring from no other source. Speak and act with genuine moderation. ... Try to be mild and charitable in all your judgments."