Missionary Sisters

  • They are to be at peace in themselves and train themselves in all the religious virtues. They are not to force God to accept their services as they would wish, but rather, serve Him as he desires. "He is the Master, you are the servants . . . It belongs to Him to give the orders; it is your task to obey."
  • The best way they can prepare themselves for Africa is to grow in holiness. "The holier you are, the greater will be our capacity for serving God and saving souls." They open themselves to God's grace through practice of the virtues, particularly, "humility, mildness, charity, the spirit of prayer, and crowing all, obedience."
  • They will strengthen the spirit of their vocation by loving the Lord with all their heart and with generosity. "Sacrifice for Him all that is agreeable to you. When troubled by pain or temptation, bear them with love, peace and patience."
  • They are to remain calm and peaceful in God's loving embrace. Their hearts are to be attuned to the divine heart and only desire what God desires. Libermann warns, "When we allow our desires to drive us on forcibly, we rarely have peace of soul and our intention is rarely pure."