Rose Lapique

  • Rose should begin each day by consciously opening her heart in love to God. "Offer Him your day and prepare to serve Him faithfully . . . remain recollected and at peace. Avoid being tense and over-eager."
  • Sr. Paule needed to develop patience. This would come from a growing trust in God's love for her. "Remain in your lowliness before God and accept with gratitude, like a beggar, whatever He wishes to give you."
  • Libermann identifies self-love as the source of her anxiety. She is not to force herself to be holy. God will bestow this upon her, if she can only let go of being over-concerned with her progress in her spiritual life. "If he leaves you spiritually dry, accept this as His holy Will."
  • God is the primary agent in our quest for holiness. She is to allow the good Master to lead her. He will accomplish great things in her. "Do not make efforts of mind or heart to remain recollected or to produce affections for, or good sentiments towards Our Lord."