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Prayer in the Holy Spirit

As the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, our religious family puts special emphasis on our consecration to the Holy Spirit (Bagamoyo 2.1)

During the nine days following the Ascension of the Lord the first Christian community gathered in prayer awaiting the coming of the promised Holy Spirit. The Congregation of the Holy Spirit continues that tradition in Spiritan communities and works throughout the world.
The Center for Spiritan Studies offers nine moments of reflection and prayer in celebration of the Holy Spirit, author and guide of Spiritan life and mission. From the first gathering of Spiritans on Pentecost Sunday in 1703 around Claude Poullart des Places in Paris to this, our time, reliance on Divine Providence which devotion to the Holy Spirit represents, holds a cherished place in Spiritan tradition and history.
Each moment is prompted by quotations from the Spiritan Rule of Life and the most recent Spiritan General Chapter, Bagamoyo, 2012. These quotations are reflected on in prayer, Scripture and the writing of Venerable Francis Libermann.


Carrying on Christ's Mission in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Purified by the Holy Spirit of God

Possessed by the Holy Spirit

Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Discernment in the Holy Spirit

the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Docile to the Holy Spirit

Gifted by the Holy Spirit

Sent by Love