Poullart des Places and the Holy Spirit

Prayer to the Most Holy Trinity

(adaptation of prayer composed by Claude Poullart des Places for his daily personal use
From "Fragments of a Rule"
translated in Henry J. Koren, The Spiritual Writings of Father Claude Francis Poullart des Places, Pittsburgh,
Duquesne University, 1959, 117-21)

Most Holy and Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
allow us to offer You most humbly our small prayers, for Your greater honor and glory.

Grant us your favor, O God,
imprint on our hearts the indelible marks of Your grace, and Help us to make good use of the time that is given us.

We ask for the grace to not be burdened with our earthly concerns,
but instead we look to follow Your will in all ways.
Fill our minds and hearts with your presence, and through this may we be worthy of your love, the love of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the grace of knowing and fulfilling your call to us to do your work.
We desire nothing more than this, to open our hearts to the Holy Spirit each day.

We ask that our intentions be added to those of all the saints and holy ones that have gone before us.

We pray that through your grace, and with love in our hearts we may be successful in our work.

Openness to the Spirit, Claude François Poullart des Places (1679 - 1709)

Openness to the Spirit is a defining characteristic of Spiritan life and mission. It has been so since April 12, 1703, when Claude Poullart des Places, with twelve poor scholars dedicated themselves to the Holy Spirit. Discerning the Spirit's direction for our lives and mission plays a key role in Spiritan decision making. Rather than follow our own plans we open ourselves to God's plan for us. There is evidence of this in the decisions Claude made in his short life of 30 years.  Read More 

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In the Steps of Claude Poullart des Places in Paris                            "I am determined to walk in the way that you will show me."
His burial place: Church of St. Étienne du Mont                                                                                  - Claude Poullart des Places
                                                                                                            In celebration of the 300th Anniversary of his death (1709-2009)

video of Claude Poullart des Places burial                                                                                palm trees with crosses