Holy Spirit Picture

Praying in the Holy Spirit


Picture of rosaryA Chaplet of the Holy Spirit

 This chaplet to the Holy Spirit records some of the important moments in the history of salvation. It is divided into nine mysteries, one of which can be
used each day of the novena, and it encourages those who pray this chaplet to use their Bible in order to meditate more deeply on God's Word to us.                                                  

Picture of confraternity of the Holy SpiritConfraternity of the Holy Spirit

Fr. Bona Ikenna Ugwu, C.S.Sp. introduces the Confraternity of the Holy Spirit and answers your questions. 

Hymns to the Holy Spirit

Litany of the Holy Spirit

Little Office of the Holy Spirit

Novena Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Novenas to the Holy Spirit
Message from Fr. Mike Grey, C.S.Sp., on Pentecost Novena, 2020.

The Fire of the Most High, Enugu Novena

Pentecost Nine Moments 2018

American Province Novena

Carfin, Scotland Novena

Novenas for Pentecost 2021

Dan Schutte Novena

Spiritan Mission Ireland Office, Irish Province

Petitions for the Graces of the Holy Spirit

Prayers for the Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Prayer for the Seven Gifts

Scripture Reflections