Duquesne University seeks to provide students with registration tools and services to support academic success. Please see the important information below to assist you in your registration process.

Visit the Office of the University Registrar's Registration page for semester-specific timetables, deadlines, academic calendars and other important information.

Resolve Any Registration Holds

All students are responsible to check if they have any registration holds (Immunization, Student Accounts and Missing Transcript) to avoid delaying registration. This information is available under "student hold" on DORI. Please resolve any holds before scheduling your classes or your advisor appointment, if applicable. Disregard "Advisor Hold- see advisor" as these are automatic for Business and Arts students who need to meet with an advisor in order to register.

Review Your Degree Requirements and Academic Progress (RAPP) in DORI: 

  • select the Self Service Banner tab across the top 
  • select the Student Information tab
  • select the Registration link 
  • select the Review Academic Program Progress (RAPP) link 
  • select the term in the drop box
  • select Generate New Evaluation at the bottom of the page 
  • select your program
  • select the upcoming term from the drop box

Schedule an Advising Appointment

 Freshmen with less than 15 earned credits must meet with their advisor in order to register. Advising appointments can be made for most students via STARFISH on Blackboard.

Since students will be seen according to their class level (senior, junior, sophomore and freshmen), please make your appointment during the appropriate week on STARFISH.

  • Click on the Blackboard icon, in the top right corner of DORI
  • Click on the Courses and Communities Tab
  • Under Organizations, click on your Advisor's Advising Site
  • Once you enter that site, click on the STARFISH SCHEDULER button
  • Choose a day and time. Enter your name and phone number.
    NOTE: Unavailable time means that appointments have already been taken

Register Online

Online registration is open to degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students. (First-semester freshmen who have not completed 15 credits and non-degree seeking students can register through their advisor). 

You can register online by:

  • Logging in to DORI
  • Click on: Self-Service Banner » Student Information » Registration. 
  • Search for classes and complete your registration.