Meet Our Team

Scott Richards
Assistant Vice President for
Auxiliary Services


Scott Richards, Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services, is responsible for managing contracted and in-house services including bookstore operations, campus dining, leasing, parking and du card services, university banking, and vending operations. Scott supports the Bond Compliance and Wellness Committees and is a member of NACAS (National Association of College Auxiliary Services).

Deanna Calderaro
Director of
Auxiliary Services


Deanna Calderaro, Director of Auxiliary Services, is responsible for assisting in compliance assurance, financial and non-financial management of the various departments within Auxiliary Services including dining, leasing, parking and du card services, university banking, university bookstore and vending services. 

Jason Conlogue
Associate Director of Parking and DU Card Services


Jason Conlogue, Associate Director of Parking and DU Card Services is responsible for maintaining the administrative and fiscal components of all campus parking services, including parking facilities, the South Side Shuttle program and department event parking.

John Kachur
Bookstore Manager


John Kachur, store manager of the Duquesne University Barnes & Noble, is responsible for all aspects of the store's operation, from selecting merchandise and arranging displays, to hiring and training. John and his staff are committed to the highest possible customer service. In addition, John coordinates use of the Barnes & Noble cafe for campus events.

Dave Manz
District Manager,
Parkhurst Dining


Dave Manz, District Manager for Parkhurst Dining at Duquesne University, is responsible for all Duquesne Dining services including Campus Market, Catering, Chick-fil-A, Cinco Cantina, Coffee Tree Roasters, Freshens, Hogan Dining Center, The Incline, Options Food Court, Rockwell Market, Starbucks, and The Red Ring Bar & Grille on Forbes Avenue. As Duquesne's on-site District Manager, Dave is involved with all levels of Duquesne's food service operations.