Meet Our Team

Controller's Office

Jim Tortella
Assistant Vice President and Controller


Jim Tortella, Assistant Vice President and Controller, is responsible for the management of financial and tax reporting, general, research, and property accounting, payroll, procurement and payment services, and student accounts. Jim supports the Audit and Finance and Investment Committees of the Board of Directors.

Robin Connors
Communications and Collections Analyst


Robin Connors, Communications and Collections Analyst, provides support to the offices of auxiliary services, controller, finance and business, and treasurer in administrative matters as well as internal and website communications. She also serves as collections analyst for the student accounts office and budget manager for the controller's office.


Nancy Mignanelli                 
Assistant Controller                 



Nancy Mignanelli, Assistant Controller, is responsible for the overall management of general accounting and post award services including monitoring the general ledger, reviewing journal entries and overseeing the post-award grant functions.


Stephanie Baloh
Manager of Payroll


Stephanie Baloh, Manager of Payroll, is responsible for overseeing all payroll matters including graduate tuition taxation, implementation of new projects, and upgrades to the payroll system.

Joetta Ferguson
Assistant Manager of Payroll


Joetta Ferguson, Assistant Manager of Payroll, acts as a liaison with departments, employees, and external parties for inquiries and problem resolution related to University payroll. Joetta is responsible for back hours time management, bi-weekly payroll processing, garnishment adjustments, regulatory compliance, and remittance of retirement contributions and Federal and State withholdings.

Procurement and Payment Services

Ken Mann
Director of Procurement and Payment Services               


Ken Mann, Director of Procurement and Payment Services is responsible for the overall management and strategic planning of purchasing processes including e-Procurement, procurement card program, supplier relations, and science and fixed asset purchases. In addition to assisting with the daily and weekly accounts payable process, he also helps University departments and vendors to resolve various problems and discrepancies.

Julie Wetzel
Assistant Director of Procurement and Payment Services


Julie Wetzel, Assistant Director of Procurement and Payment Services, is responsible for monitoring and improving the accuracy and efficiency of the Procure-to-Pay process, supporting University departments in problem resolution and new initiatives, educating and training faculty and staff regarding University policies and procedures, and supplier relations.

Student Accounts

Roberta Penz
Manager of Student Accounts


Bobbi Penz, Manager of Student Accounts, is responsible for overseeing book vouchers, collection, payment plans, refunds, and tuition. Bobbi is a member of the Retention Committee and works closely to help students overcome financial barriers to registration.

Karen Hartupee
Assistant Manager of
Student Accounts


Karen Hartupee, Assistant Manager of Student Accounts, is responsible for international student billing, military federal tuition assistance authorization (TA), student refunds, and third party and corporate deferment programs.