Procurement and Payment Services

Duquesne University's Procurement and Payment Services office is a customer first resource for every department across campus. Our goal is to assist in the departmental purchasing & sourcing needs of various materials, goods, and services. We strive to continually identify and implement the most innovative educational purchasing practices to better support teaching, research, service, and maintenance needs of the University. We monitor purchases to ensure they follow the University's standards and policies and work to address these needs in a timely fashion.

Procurement Card Program

The Procurement Card (P-Card) program at Duquesne University is managed by the Purchasing Department. P-Cards are issued to eligible faculty and staff upon request. Our goal is to provide a convenient method for departments and individuals to make small dollar goods and services purchases. Cardholders may also use the card for business travel and entertainment expenses. Transactions and expense reports are reviewed for compliance with University policy. More information can be found through DORI.

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Duquesne University will continue to follow the procurement requirement of OMB Circular A-110 and will utilize the grace period allowed in the Uniform Guidance.