2018 - 2019 Fact Book PDF Documents

Enrollment Data

Enrollment History - Headcount

New Undergraduate Student Profile

New Full-time Freshman & Transfer Students

Academic Quality

Undergraduate Traditional and Non-Traditional Freshman Demand

Graduate Admission Demand

Law School Admission Demand

Graduation Rates

Undergraduate Graduation Rate Comparisons: Key Competition

First-Year Retention Rate Comparison: Key Competition

Student Credit Hours Generated by School & Level

Student Credit Hours Taught by School & Level

Major and Degree Data


Employee Data

Employees by Occupation Category, Gender and Status

Credit Hours Taught by Faculty Status

Average Salaries by Faculty Rank Compared to Nationally Ranked Catholic Universities

Instructional Faculty Salary Comparisons: Key Competition

Financial Data

Unrestricted Statement of Activities

Unrestricted Operating Revenues & Expenses

Financial Summary Statement

Endowment Statistics

Endowment & Other Long-Term Investments Comparison per FTE

Tuition, Fees, Room & Board Rate Schedule

Tuition and Room & Board Increase Schedule

Consolidated Tuition & Fees Increase Schedule: Benchmarks

Consolidated Room & Board Increase Schedule: Benchmarks

Sticker Price vs. Average Net Price Comparison: Key Competition

Full-time Undergraduate Students Recieving Financial Aid and Graduation Rates by Aid Category

Miscellaneous Data

Overall Fund Raising Results

Building Statistics

Gumberg Library Statistics & Activity

Student Housing Statistics

Department of Athletics

Duquesne University History

Glossary of Terms